Through a rigorous selection process cowhide leathers are chosen for their refinement, suppleness and silky touch. They may carry natural imperfections, such as veins, wrinkles or marks and brandings.
Due to the delicate nature of the leather, with time and use the hair will naturally change and shedding may occur. Extra care should be taken to avoid any abrasion, moisture and direct heat. On areas prone to wear such as handles and the inside of the bag, hair should be expected to wear away first. This is a natural characteristic of this beautiful material and is not considered a flaw. We suggest customers wear handbags with the same side of the bag against the body. Once the hairs have been worn away we would be unable to offer a repair service. These carefully selected leathers can be compromised with the use of any commercial cleaners. Elements such as oils, make up, perfumes or creams applied to the leather can compromise its natural beauty and performance capabilities. Clients should be advised against the use of any cleaning products and a soft dry cloth can be used to gently clean any loose dirt always working in the direction of the fur grain. Due to the delicate nature of this material we would advise to proceed with caution.


Avoid contact with liquids containing alcohol as this may remove the lamination and finishing. To clean, the product should be gently wiped with a soft damp, lint free cloth and dried immediately away from direct heat. We would advise against the use of any cleaning product. Consideration should also be taken for the other materials used in conjunction with the leather such as a patent leather trim.


To clean the leather, the product should be gently wiped with a soft dry cloth and dried immediately, away from direct heat. Do not use any cleaning products and avoid scratching or excessive abrasion as the texture cannot be repaired once damaged. It should be stored away from humidity and sources of heat.


Natural, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather,reveals natural markings such as veins and wrinkles, proving it has not been treated. This delicate, easily scratched leather will develop a rich amber patina, unique to each bag, and a greater suppleness in time. This patina, along with wear acquired through use, signifies as proof of the product’s authenticity and journey alongside the owner. If the leather becomes stained before patina, do not try to clean it. Allow the leather to naturally darken and stains will become less apparent.

Should this leather encounter water, blot immediately with a lint-free light colored, absorbent cloth.​


Nubuck, like suede, is aniline leather and has a natural finish. Over exposure to water should be avoided and should the product get wet, we advise removing any residual water with a soft dry cloth and allow the product to dry naturally. Once a stain is deeply ingrained it can be impossible to remove. Nubuck can also suffer from colour transfer, from materials such as denim, and we would advise protecting the product before use with a suitable nubuck protector spray. A good nubuck brush can also be used to lightly clean away loose dirt and to rejuvenate the leather but should be used with care to ensure the material isn’t damaged.

Repeated contact with hard or rough surfaces (floors, such as carpets, rugs, walls) may cause the appearance of scratches and worn grain on corners and areas of greatest wear. Prolonged contact to dark or highly pigmented materials can transfer onto the surface of your leather product. It is best to limit the exposure to such surfaces and materials to preserve the original look and feel of your product.