With an inspiration to become leaders in the industry of affordable yet coveted handbags, jewelries and hats, Faulkner Walsh Designs was incepted on the streets of Atlanta. Faulkner Walsh Designs is what happens when a city born home builder and a country girl with an eclectic flare for interior design and a passion for remodeling old homes, collide at the intersection of creativity and quality. Our founders come from humble beginnings where designer and elegant offerings were never a part of their lives growing up. As adults and Atlanta based, they can afford designer items, but prefer not to. 


There are beautiful, unique products in the market that won't wreck your savings account or make you feel guilty about the purchase. That's exactly why we're here. At Faulkner Walsh Designs, we believe you can own exotic handbags and jewelry that allows you to stand out in the crowd without going broke. You can be beautiful, elegant and sexy for a fraction of the cost most people pay. Our mission is to bring you ravishing, unique, and quality products at a great price. 


We believe in the concept of a sustainable model because it reduces waste. Most of our products are handmade by small artisans in Italy, thus guaranteeing a level of exclusivity and environment-friendly approach. So...follow us on the journey to living a stylish exotic life!